Celebrate your party in Berlin’s really exclusive karaoke bar. The Green Mango differs from other karaoke bars in Berlin with it’s absolute party feeling. Apart from classic karaoke singing with a huge choice of songs, dance music is also played.

Finest karaoke sound technique, great lighting system and an extra stage for the singers offer ideal conditions for an unforgettable night.

New: After a possibly tiring bachelor/stag party take a break and enjoy an “All you can eat” meal at the German-Asian buffet for 11 Euro per person and then start up refreshed into the karaoke party night.

Book the hottest male or female strippers in Berlin, reserved seats, free entrance for up to 15 people everything in one hand by Hauptstadtstrip. No inquiries at the Green Mango are necessary, everything will be booked by Hauptstadtstrip. Male and female strippers for the main stage or separee are included in the bookable package (dependant on availability).

Package price:

- free entrance and cloakroom inclusive
- table reservation for the whole evening
- exclusive strip in a separee or on the main stage (depending on availability)
- group photo with actors/actresses
- 1 glass of sparkling wine or 0.5 l beer p. person
- 5 free strip dollars to ‘tuck in’
5 people = 249 €
6 people = 259 €
7 people = 269 €
8 people = 279 €
9 people = 289 €
10 people = 299 €
11 people = 309 €
12 people= 319 €
13 people = 329 €
14 people = 339 €
15 people = 349 €


The new “Completely Carefree Package” by Hauptstadtstrip: Limousine/Strip/Karaoke-party

Have yourself picked up from any place in Berlin by a limousine (up to 8 people/more on Inquiry) and enjoy the drive with a bottle of sparkling wine. Perhaps you’ll be held up by
authentic police officers with Berlin’s classiest male and female strippers – close contact strip in the limousine.
Then it’s off to the ‘Green Mango’, Berlin’s best known karaoke bar. Free entrance and seat reservation for you and your group is assured. Alternatively the strip can take place here
either in a separee or on the Green Mango party stage (dependant on availability).

– 1 hour drive with a limousine / max. 8 people/ one bottle of sparkling wine – more than 8 people possible, however the total price will differ.
– Table reservation for the whole evening in the Green Mango
– Entrance and cloakroom/checkroom is included
– Close contact strip in the limousine or exclusively in a separee or as highlight on the Party stage (depending on choice and availability)
– Group photo with the actors/actresses with the limousine or in the ‘Green Mango’
– 1 glass of sparkling wine or 0.5 l beer per person
– 5 strip dollars free of charge to ‘tuck in’

Total price: 450 €


The ‘Completely Carefree Package’ maxi! = same performance but with a 2 hour ride with the limousine

Total price: 550 €